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"The California Chamber of Commerce is a proud California Partnership for Access to Treatment (CPAT) member. We share CPAT's goals of serving as an educational resource for its partners and, ultimately, in finding common ground among California's diverse constituencies on healthcare-related issues. Ultimately, a healthy workforce...and a healthy California is in everyone's interest."
- Vince Sollitto, Vice President, Media Relations & External Affairs – California Chamber of Commerce

"To increase the overall health of California families, we need to continue to break down the barriers to health care and ensure access to prescription medications for those most in need."
- Scott Suckow, Executive Director – Alpha Behavioral Health Services and Executive Director – Mental Health America of San Diego County

“Many of our patients have difficulty affording health care, including prescription medicines. Identifying and assisting those patients in need of access to health care and prescription medicines is critical.”
- Karen McClaflin, Executive Director - ALS Association, Greater Sacramento Area

"Those living with hemophilia will benefit greatly from improved access to discount prescription medications. We'll continue working toward increasing access in California until it becomes a reality."
- Val Bias, Executive Director – Hemophilia Council of California

"All California stakeholders need to come together to make sure our undeserved communities have more access to medications they need to stay well and get well."
- William Remak, Chairman – Hepatitis C Task Force

"By working together, patient advocates, community groups, providers, employers and policymakers can ensure the low income and uninsured in California have more access to the prescription medication they need to stay healthy and productive. We hope others join us in keeping this important issue at the forefront of our health care debate."
- Tricia Hunter, Executive Director – American Nurses Association/California

“Too often, business organizations involve themselves with healthcare issues by focusing solely on a measure’s cost to employers. But, businesses, large and small, rely on healthy and productive employees. By improving access to prescriptions drugs and increasing educational resources…work undertaken by the Partnership for Access to Treatment…we can ensure that our employees and our economy will remain vibrant and strong.”
– Brendan Huffman, President – Valley Industry and Commerce Association

“All businesses are concerned about rising health care costs and the well-being of their employees. The problem is so huge that the business community cannot solve these problems alone. Only with a collective approach and the hands-on involvement of healthcare, community, ethnic, and business organizations can we find a workable solution that will benefit all Californians.”
– Jaime Rojas, President and CEO – California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

“California’s elderly and chronically ill need strong voices advocating for health care reform that will reduce barriers to vital services. The California Partnership for Access to Treatment can play a valuable role in this effort. They can serve as a valuable new advocacy platform for health care and community leaders to join as well.”
– W. June Simmons, CEO – Partners in Care Foundation

“For nearly 40 years, The Los Angeles Free Clinic has worked to provide dependable and quality health care to Los Angeles’ underserved communities. Joining the California Partnership for Access to Treatment will help further our mission.”
– Stephanie Thomas, Director of Development – The Los Angeles Free Clinic

“Improving health care services for California’s seniors is a critical issue that needs to be addressed. By working with organizations that share our mission of preserving the independence and dignity of older adults, like the California Partnership for Access to Treatment, we can increase access to quality health care and help promote the well-being of families.”
– Grace Cheng Braun, President and CEO – WISE Senior Services

“The California NAACP believes that prescription drugs should be affordable to all citizens regardless of income status. We are pleased to partner with CPAT to make this happen.”
- Alice Huffman, State President, California NAACP

“The African American Business Community is better served when we have healthy workers. We welcome and appreciate the work the California Partnership for Access to Treatment is engaged in and glad to be a part of it.”
- Aubrey Stone, California Black Chamber

“Urban core communities served by the Greater Sacramento Urban League (GSUL) Workforce Development Center are populations considered to be the under-skilled and under-educated poor, working poor, ex-offenders, and families at or below the Federal poverty line. Statewide, this constituency has the greatest need for guaranteed access to affordable prescription drugs. The California Partnership for Access to Treatment’s goals align with our community health initiative benefiting our clients who are invisible to the national legislative agenda. Our partnership is an empowerment vehicle for change.”
- James C. Shelby, President & CEO, Greater Sacramento Urban League





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