Frequently Asked Questions

CPAT and our partners bring years of experience helping people navigate the complex health care system. Here are the most commonly asked questions when it comes to our network and the resources we provide.

If you or a loved one has experienced any barriers to care or treatment, we recommend visiting My Patient Rights at My Patient Rights can help you understand the challenges you’ve had with your health plan and guide you in resolving those issues so you can get the care you need and deserve.

We appreciate your interest in joining us! We encourage our partners to participate in events, take action at the federal and state levels, and help brainstorm ways we can keep CPAT useful and relevant. To join, please fill out the online form below or email [email protected].

We serve the needs of our partners and their communities. Our goal is to equip our network with vital health care resources and information that they can bring back to their members.

Several times a year, we host health care seminars and training sessions focused on the most pressing issues at the time. We offer in-person events throughout the state, as well as webinars.To stay connected virtually, we send a monthly newsletter to our subscribers . The newsletter includes relevant health care articles, California policy updates, information from our partners, and details on future events.If you’re interested in scheduling a meeting or event, please email [email protected].

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) funds the outreach and education arm of CPAT. PhRMA is committed to the promotion of health education and preventive health care initiatives within our communities to reduce the prevalence of disease.