Much needed medicine delivered to Fresno County residents stranded in snow

ABC 30
March 2, 2023


FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) —¬†Fresno County law enforcement and private pilots delivered critical prescriptions to people stranded in the snow on Thursday.

Private Helicopter Pilot John Arabian of Sanger received word that a diabetes patient living in the Mammoth Pool area was down to his last dose of insulin.

Arabian collected a two-week supply of insulin and took off for the snowy mountains.

The sunshine and blue sky made for an easier flight.

The chopper arrived at the designated area and dropped off the life-sustaining medication to the family waiting in the snow.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office also flew Eagle One into the mountains on a medical mission.

After the helicopter flew to Shaver Lake, the crew learned a Fresno man was snowed-in at Huntington Lake during a ski trip.

Jared Cook had only one day left of his much needed medicine.

With help from the Huntington Lake Fire Department, deputies gathered the medicine and met Eagle One at a landing spot.

The chopper took off for the cabin location at Huntington Lake and air-dropped the medicine bag to Cook.

“A huge thank you to the Huntington Lake Fire Department and the sheriff’s department,” Cook said. “You guys are just phenomenal and I have so much appreciation for what you do.”

Cook says as soon as the roads get cleared, he plans to head back down the hill and home to Fresno.


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