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Protect Patient Assistance Programs – All Copays Must Count!

Do you, a family member or friend rely on copay assistance to afford your medication?


Many patients in California rely on copay assistance to afford their medications. This financial assistance is provided by third parties, including drug manufacturers, to help patients pay for their medications, However, health plans and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are preventing this assistance from helping patients.

When these unfair policies are implemented, patients pay prescription copays with their assistance and are able to take home their medication, but then when the deductible is met and the assistance is used up – the insurance company “resets” the deductible to zero and the patient is unable to receive their medication without spending, often thousands of dollars, from their own pocket.

These patients qualified for assistance because they were unable to pay for their medication on their own and so now they are forced to go without their life-saving medication and often experience unnecessary and life threating complications as a result.

14 states and Puerto Rico have already passed laws to ban or restrict the use of these unfair practices. It’s time for California to take action!

Join the All Copays Count In California Coalition and take action today!