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Reject Foreign Price Controls and Protect Patient Access to Treatments and Innovative Medicines

The future of medicines is looking bleak. Recent proposals being considered in Congress will negatively impact both the important research and development that goes into making new drugs and the patients waiting to receive them. Lawmakers re-introduced H.R.3, also known as the “Lower Drug Costs Now Act,” a sweeping proposal that would redesign the drug reimbursement system for all payers and fundamentally devastate biopharmaceutical innovation. Attempts to take-on the complex challenges of high drug costs in the United States by allowing the government to decide which diseases are worthy of future research and development, imposes price settings on drugs based on foreign countries, and jeopardizes nearly 1 million jobs for those in the biopharmaceutical space. Because of this, research and development will halt for other serious and rare diseases and health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, and cystic fibrosis.

Stand with patients, doctors, and California’s innovative life sciences sector by telling Congress to reject the flawed proposal set forth by H.R. 3 that aims to introduce foreign price controls to drug pricing. Take action via the California Life Sciences Association’s Action Alert page to voice your opposition of H.R. 3 to your member of Congress.